What Is Spirituality?


Spirituality is a broad category of human experience that encompasses many different beliefs, practices and experiences. It can encompass religious beliefs, but it may also be independent of religion. It is a search for meaning and purpose in life that includes a sense of connection to the universe. It is often associated with hope, peace, and self-actualization. It can include a belief in a higher power and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

Some definitions are more ritualistic than others, but all traditions have some type of spiritual practice involving some kind of repetitive action to develop certain feelings or states of being. It can include meditation, prayer, yoga, reading spiritual texts or listening to talks by a teacher, and service to the community, especially serving other people.

Some people define spirituality as the feeling of being connected to all living things, including nature, but it can also include more internal aspects such as self-scrutiny, hope, a sense of purpose, and self-actualization. Spirituality can be a way to cope with depression, anxiety and stress. It can restore hope and help us feel more positive about the world. It can provide a framework for making moral decisions and fostering a sense of community. Spirituality can be a vehicle for finding meaning in one’s life and can promote a healthy physical lifestyle, according to recent studies that suggest there is a link between spirituality and physical well-being.