Accessorizing for Everyday and Every Occasion


Accessories are important because they give a first impression of your personal style and personality. They also add interest to outfits that you may feel are getting a bit boring. Accessories can be bold or they can be subtle. Whether it’s jewelry, shoes, bags or hats, there is an accessory for everyone and every occasion.

Accessory styling is all about proportions. If you’re wearing too many different accessories, they can compete with each other for attention and look cluttered. Experimenting with different styles and colors is a good way to find what works best for you. For example, a bold gold necklace with delicate silver bracelets will create a balanced and classic look. Adding a thin red belt to your outfit will give it a pop of color. Similarly, adding a patterned scarf will add color and warmth to your cold weather clothing.

Another thing that can help your accessories to stand out is the materials and craftsmanship. Choosing custom-made items is an excellent way to support small businesses, and you’ll also usually get a better quality product than something that was made in bulk.

Fashion accessories are a great way to make an outfit transition from day to night. A simple dress can easily be transformed by pairing it with sunglasses and a hat in the morning, a cross-body bag in the afternoon and then switching to heels and a clutch in the evening. You can even use a scarf, shawl or wrap to create a separate style for each day of the week.