New York Home Improvement Laws

Home improvement

Each year, homeowners spend more than a billion dollars on home improvements. This work, ranging from the remodeling of a bathroom or kitchen to the repair of a leaky roof, brings pride and vitality to our neighborhoods. It also creates many employment opportunities. However, it is important that contractors and consumers are aware of the law governing the home improvement business.

According to New York state law, a contract for a home improvement must be in writing and contain a timeline for the completion of the work, the payment schedule and as much specificity about materials, such as brands and types, as possible. In addition, the contract must contain any warranty terms to which the parties may lawfully agree.

Home improvement has surged in recent years, boosted by rock-bottom interest rates and the aging of homeowners with equity in their homes. The categories surging the most, though, are outside work: deck construction is up 275% and fence building has more than doubled.