Writing About Issues


An issue is a topic, sometimes controversial, that people are talking about. For example, if a celebrity issues a statement or the post office issues new stamps, these are issues that are put out for public discussion.

Writing About Issues

The main thing to remember when writing about issues is that you need to be balanced. This means that you need to dig deep into your topic and not paint a stereotypical or idyllic picture.

Use a variety of techniques when writing about issues, such as storytelling and character development. This can help you tell a strong, relevant story.

Consider issues that have been recently generating a lot of media coverage, like canned lion hunting, climate change, endangered species or plastic pollution. Pick a topic that is specific and timely, so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Keep your readers’ attention with easy-to-read, well-organized text that is concise and easily understandable. Make sure you include headers, callouts, bullet points, and visuals that help readers quickly find the information they need.

Op-ed articles are your chance to speak directly to readers about something that is important to them. They are your opportunity to put your personal spin on a subject that is both in the news and in your community.

Before you start drafting an op-ed, choose an issue that you believe is important to people in your community. This will give you a point of reference that you can follow and write about. It will also provide you with a topic that you can link to when your op-ed editor asks for your opinion on an issue in the news.