Why Relationships Are Good For You


Whether you’re single, dating or married, the presence of someone you love triggers certain areas of your brain that make you feel good. This happiness, combined with the benefits of being in a healthy, committed relationship (including lower stress levels, more restful sleep, stronger mental health and physical health) makes your life better.

Being in a Relationship also provides an opportunity to practice communication and conflict resolution skills. Having someone to talk to about your problems, fears and concerns helps you to be more open and honest. Whether it’s your one and only or your best friend, your partner is there to listen without judgment and support you in every way they can.

A true relationship is mutually beneficial, with each partner putting in their fair share of work. In some relationships, it’s just one person that does the majority of the work, which can lead to resentment over time.

A successful relationship is built on a foundation of trust, respect, caring and intimacy, as well as deep love and unflinching support. Being in a loving, supportive relationship can increase your self-esteem, as you can count on someone to help you when you need it. It can also help you feel less lonely and stressed, as you have a trusted companion to lean on when times get tough. The sting of making a mistake is also much less intense when you know there’s somebody who cares and will support you in overcoming it.