What Is Technology?

Technology is the means by which human knowledge is combined with resources to solve problems, meet needs or wants, and accomplish goals. It includes all techniques, methods and skills that enable us to use available resources efficiently and effectively.

Typically, when the term ‘technology’ is used in the context of business, it refers to the tools and systems that are used by an organization to streamline operations and enhance internal modus operandi. It can also refer to the technologies that help a company gain an edge over their competition by enabling them to offer better products and services at competitive prices.

Aside from its practical applications, technology can also serve as a way to satisfy a desire for something new and exciting. The use of technology in the media and entertainment industry is a great example of this. Animated movies, online streaming and virtual reality games are all forms of technology that allow people to experience other worlds and engage with their imaginations in a different way than before.

Joseph Dunne argues that, unlike science, which focuses on necessity and universality, technology involves reasoning through contingencies and specificities. Consequently, the technologist is actively deliberating what kind of future they wish to bring about. This makes the creation of technology inherently purposive. It prioritizes the lowest-resistance paths towards a desired end.