What Is a Hobby?


A hobby is an activity that people pursue regularly outside of work for enjoyment and personal growth. It could be creative, athletic, or intellectual. Hobbies can also be social, where the hobbyist is engaged in an activity with friends or peers. Hobbies can also be project-based, where the hobbyist takes on a series of tasks with a goal in mind. People often develop a strong sense of pride in their hobbies and they are often a good source of self-esteem, especially when the hobbyist is able to achieve high levels of skill or performance.

Hobbies are important for children as they give them something to do that’s not related to school. Having a hobby helps them learn skills, creates a sense of achievement and can help alleviate stress. Children should be encouraged to take up as many different hobbies as possible so that they can explore their interests and discover what makes them tick.

A number of hobbies are practiced in isolation, and these can be beneficial for introverts who find that a lot of social interaction can drain them. Some examples of solo hobbies include solving puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku, or jigsaw puzzles, taking photos, and writing. Writing is a great way to declutter your thoughts, express your feelings, and become more organized, and it can be a fun, relaxing hobby that you can do alone or with others. Making a vision board out of magazine pictures and trinkets, or writing in a journal can be a therapeutic hobby for some, while reading books or comics are another enjoyable pastime.