Using Issues in the Classroom to Develop Critical Thinking Skills


An issue is a topic of concern that impacts many people. They often reflect current events but also may be longstanding disagreements or problems that are difficult to resolve. Social issues can spark debate because they bring out people’s strong beliefs and viewpoints. Educators often use these topics in classrooms to help students develop critical thinking skills. A problem or matter of public interest that is the subject of newspaper articles and television news broadcasts.

For an article to make an impact on readers, it needs to grab their attention. This is often done through the headline and opening paragraph. The headline should give a quick overview of the problem and draw the reader in to read more. The opening paragraph should provide an anecdote or statistic that will make the audience care about the subject matter.

A health crisis is a serious issue that affects the quality of life for a lot of people. The crisis could be something minor like a cold, or it could be something more severe, such as an illness that threatens the life of a loved one. In order to tackle this problem, a healthcare system has to be established that provides proper care to those in need.

Climate Change

Climate change is a major worldwide issue that will have consequences for the entire population, with some groups being affected more than others. Currently, this includes the world’s poorest regions, where warming weather and changing water sources will increase poverty and hunger rates. It also increases the risk of natural disasters and will put more stress on governments and infrastructure systems.