Relationships – The Cornerstone of Living a Happy Life


Relationships are a cornerstone of living a happy life. Relationships come in many forms and can be a mix of both romantic and nonromantic. They can also be long term or short lived and can have a wide variety of goals such as finding love, friendship, or simply getting through tough times together.

People in relationships often find themselves happier than people who do not have one because of the emotional support and companionship a healthy relationship provides. There are also many other benefits of being in a relationship that can make for a healthier, more enjoyable and less stressful lifestyle such as restful sleep, lower stress levels, greater self confidence, improved mental health and a sense of belonging.

A relationship can be as simple or as complicated as a friendship or marriage and can include family members as well as friends. A good relationship should have mutual trust and respect as well as regular interactions, communication and sharing of ideas and interests. It should also include a balance of giving and taking as each person may need more or less of certain things in their lives.

Some relationships get stuck in a peaceful coexistence without the partners really relating to each other emotionally. A good partner should be there to support you when you are down and make you feel loved, they should bring you happiness and fulfillment and be the best version of themselves they can be.