Motorcycles For Beginners and Commuters

The motorcycle is an indispensable tool for people in many nations with little or no public transportation, and aid organizations like Doctors Without Borders frequently rely on skilled motorcyclists to reach remote communities that have poor healthcare infrastructure. And even though riding still isn’t for everybody, it is more popular than ever, and there are now a wider range of bikes, styles and riders to appeal to nearly any sensibility.

The first true motorcycle — a bicycle-styled motorized vehicle with an internal combustion, petroleum fueled engine — debuted in 1885 thanks to German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. Their invention was different from either Roper’s steam velocipede or Michaux-Perreaux’s boneshaker bicycle because it had zero degrees of steering axis angle and used no fork offset.

While these early machines weren’t exactly suited to the road, they helped propel a movement that would grow into a global phenomenon. In 1903, riders began forming clubs to advocate for their rights on the highways, and by 1969, films like The Wild Ones and Easy Rider starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper helped solidify the image of the rebellious, outlaw biker.

Today, there is a surge of interest in new motorcycles that look old but have modern components and features. Some of these bikes — known as “naked” motorcycles or standard models — are available with engines as low as 125cc, making them perfect for beginners or commuters looking to save money on gas and maintenance.