GitLab Issues

A topic, problem, or conflict that needs to be addressed and decided upon. Also known as a matter, concern, point, question, affair, theme, argument, debate, can of worms (informal), and thorny subject. GitLab’s Issues can be used to share and discuss ideas, questions, problems, or requests, all of which are called issues.

The thorniest subjects are often those that push people’s buttons, so it is important to choose a focused and relevant topic. Be aware that the topic you choose may already have been written about, so make sure your article stands out by adding a fresh perspective or offering new insights. When writing an article about a controversial topic, be respectful and avoid using personal attacks or demeaning language.

To send out or put forth for consideration or use, as an order or writ. To distribute or publish, as a periodical: He was the editor of the most influential issue of his magazine.

A number of things that are offered for sale or made available at one time, especially a quantity of something printed and issued as a single unit: a set of stamps; a bond issue. To make available or circulate something: The radios were issued to the troops.

To rise, come up, or become evident: The problem was that the issue of money was so pressing. The great returns to France were the issue of much wealth. To be the cause of, or reason for: The wittiest sayings and sentences are often the issues of chance, so many lucky hits of a roving fancy.