A Career in Financial Services

Financial services

The Financial services sector comprises thousands of depository institutions, providers of investment products, insurance companies and other credit and financing organizations. These groups are responsible for providing critical financial utilities, such as savings and loans, securities brokerage, asset management, risk management and more.

These industries are crucial to our economy because they make it possible for people and businesses to get the money they need to grow, invest in a project or just have enough for a rainy day. They also provide a range of services to support other business endeavors, like due diligence on investments or valuation services for real estate endeavors. Many for-profit businesses are part of the financial services sector, including banks, credit unions, credit-card companies and insurers, as well as nonprofits that offer counseling or money management advice.

One of the big draws to a career in financial services is that, according to Duitch, jobs are generally secure and pay well. A typical entry-level job will see you earning around PS45,000, and if you put in the work early on, you can move quickly up the career ladder.

Another positive of a career in financial services is that it can help you develop excellent interpersonal skills. You’ll have the ability to interact with customers and clients, and you’ll often be working on complex issues that require quick thinking and good communication. These skills will serve you well no matter what path you choose to take professionally in the future.